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Appeal Requesting to Unban PC (UNBANNED)
1. Why were you Banned?
   - Using WALLHACK sir

2. Why should we Unban you?
            Good Day Devs GM's/CM's, First of all, I am here to apologize to you.I hope will you give me another chance to correct my mistake for using illegal wallhacks in the game.This is the only game i've only played that intertain myself. I never thought that i will be banned for using wallhack for once and now i regret that's why i promise for myself will not do it again. Please notice my thread sir and I am sincerely asking for forgiveness. Hopefully you will give me another chance to play with and this is only PC I have. ( Shy SORRY FOR THE BAD ENGLISH Shy Shy) GOD BLESS AND THE GAME WILL LAST BECAUSE IT IS FUN TO PLAY. That's all thank you.

3. Do you use any WALLHACK? (yes or no)
   - Yes

4. Type of BAN
  - HWID

5. Add the username that got Ban in this hardware
   Username - Kissadikz1   IGN - BaraKuda
Hardware Unbanned , please avoid using any 3rd party software's otherwise your hwid will be blacklisted next time will be banned and appealing will no longer be an option.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Thank You so much sir . God bless you all  Blush Blush
sir  Smile

sir my i ban ako sir

sir my ipa ban ako sir

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