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[1]  I was testing out a glitch that worked in the past.

[2] Greeting GM/CM's I own a personal PC and I am sorry for glitching. I hope that I will be unbanned so i can play again and i hope you consider this, and I will never use glitching again since I have learned my lesson already. I don't want to stop playing this game since this game gives me nostalgic feelings and play fairly and play according to the rules, I hope that you will unban me from this HWID ban and I hope you will consider my thread, thank you for taking your time reading my thread.

[3]Do you use any types of hacks? - No, Never

[4]Type of ban? - HWID

[5]Your Username - Novoboy
Hi i checked your account its totally fine and were ur account HWID located its not banned at all , make sure to add the exact username that got banned in this HWID.
[Image: giphy.gif]
What i did is, I went to a computer shop to try if my account can be logged in, It did work but in my own pc It still says that i am still banned and need to contact GM for inquiry.
what is the username that got banned in ur pc
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Denied no response
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