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Unbanned Request (UNBANNED)
1.Why were you banned?
- Using Wallhack

2.Why should we unban you?
-First of all, i want to thank you for all the GM/CM to get back this kind of game online. I have greatly enjoyed playing K.O.S (Kill on Sight) back then and more improved by the K.S (KillerSource) in the present which is i can play in other country together with my friends and team mates before.
I'd just like to start off this appeal and apology by saying I'm extremely sorry to all GM/CM for about what i did in the game and i admit that recently of using wallhack playing in this game. I got Banned including my own PC. My sincere apologies to all GM/CM on that. I'm hoping that i can get back to play again in KillerSource without using any cheats but just only using for fair game play.
This is the first and last and it will never ever happen again in the future. More power and wish you all the Best.

3.Do you use any type of hack?
- Yes Wallhack

4.Type of Ban? (HWID or Normal ban)

5.Add the username that got ban in this hardware:
- IGN: [TGF]_Nods_[TGF]
Hi , this will be your second chance the next time our system detects a cheat in this HWID you will be blacklisted forever and appealing wont help you anymore.

[Image: giphy.gif]

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