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Re apply for my personal computer HWID BAN (UNBANNED)
Good DAY ADMIN or Staff of Killer source I am Jorren De guzman Sajulga 36 years old   from Consolation Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental  A MARSHAL BODY GUARD . I am here again sir in your Forum to make an apology again'ts my Personal COmputer..I have my Own connection PLDT but i get irritated because its always get disconnection and and wifi problem thats why i decide to cut and surrnder to the PLDT my Contruct.. and one of my neighbors Atty from CDO  he instal 15 computer beside my house.. he ask me if i have internet connection and i answer yes but it was already cut because not good connection..  and he offer me to pay 1000 monthly for Parasat FIBER connection on him. he only insert me to he`s connection so i accept he`s friendly offer as a good samaritan nieghbor..  when im connected on he`s connection it was good and fast.. i enjoy 1 night for the good connection ... then so many nieghbors play on he`s pesonet beside my house..and i see many children and askal boys or tambay play ks or kos...i didnt know they are using a hack or watever.. 
because one of the tambay guy told me he get ban  because he break the law or policy... but i dont even care aslong my own personal computer at my house is clean... i  told my self im just only connecting internet connection and i enjoy.. its not my lose if they get ban  or lose there accnt..  then after few days.. when i open my personal computer i swear and God Knows.. i get shocked when i see the problem ... it says i cant open my killer source game and ban contact the GM really upset because i never used anything on my computer i only play youtube chu chu tv. and play ks..
but when i found out my pc got ban with no reason.. then one of my friend dukot told me it was HWID ban i told him everything that i only connected internet connection in my atty nieghbors...and now im here to apply to my unban HWID..

1.Why Were You Banned? = i dont even know why i get ban but my friend dukot explain me.. because i told him everything about my connection and the nieghbor pesonet that i only connect because i surrnder my old PLDT connection... Hope sir you will grant me to ask sorry if some players in pesonet do something honestly i cant see them because i only stay at home and the pesonet is beside my house and i dont have right to control all players in pesonet because the owner is private lawyear.

2.Why should we unban you? (explain atleast 100 words) = I hope you will accpt my appology if i get affected with my nieghbor pesonet connection.. im here to beg staff and GM of killer source to please unban and give chance to play im old with this game but honestly even im bobo or noob i dont even care the important i play fair and i enjoy.. its btter to call bobo than to use hack or cheat so that you will be idol with anyone... honestly sir staff and gm i never instal anything.. my freind dukot and patatas told me i get affected because im connected with there connection . yesterday i try to open all there pc.. and try to open killer source it was all ban contact gm problem HWID... im here to ask for 1 more chance even i dont do anything god knows.. i beg you sir gm or staff please help me fix my problem.. im old  to play ks but this is the only game can make me enjoy..thank you.
3.Do you use any type of hack? (Yes or No) = swear i never instal or used anything on my personal computer its hard to believe but hope you will give me chance sir gm or staff of killer source
4.Type of ban? (HWID or Normal Ban) = HWID 
5.Add the username that got banned in this hardware: :bradtroy
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Hello kindly fix the format of this text as simple as possible specially the font so we can read it properly.
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(10-04-2020, 07:36 PM)Belder Wrote: Hello kindly fix the format of this text as simple as possible specially the font so we can read it properly.
Ok belder thank you
any suspicious activity detected in this system next time will be permanent banned , but i am happy to say after reviewing this case and decided to unban this personal matter.

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