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I repost this post sir because i think my post last few weeks ago was deleted

1.Why Were You Banned? - Using Cheats/Wallhacks

2.Why should we unban you ? (explain at least 100 words)

Good Evening Sir. I am Emmanuel Fabre from Lapasan Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental a Computer shop Owner . I am here again sir in your Forum to make an apology again'ts my customer that disobey again'ts your rules or doing cheats in your game sir . I admit sir that i have lack of responsibility in my Computer shop . I have 4 units that got hardware banned can you please unbanned my 4 units so that the players can play again Killer Source. I am asking your forgiveness and I Promised sir that ill monitor my customer from now on ,i will assure you that they cannot repeat doing cheat or wall hacks again. Please notice my post threads sir Thank you in advance.

3.Do you use any type of hacks? (Yes or No)

       - Yes (One of my customer said they used a wall hack named xPerx)

4.Type of ban? (HWID or Normal Ban)

       - HWID Ban

5.Your Username?

       - Rimar1996
This thread is being REVIEWED as of this moment.
[Image: FHJF.gif]
This thread is being REVIEWED as of this moment.
[Image: RI6m.gif]
Thank you Sir for your fast response .
May i know possible users that got banned in each of this units?
[Image: giphy.gif]
This are the possible list that got banned in my shop.
(09-30-2020, 02:56 PM)Belder Wrote: May i know possible users that got banned in each of this units?
Good Evening sir may I know sir what is the result of my post sir? my post are deleted sir and I dont know what is the result.. the username sir is carlz20202
I recently reviewed this case and you may try it now , I unbanned two HWID detected in our system. this will be your last chance if we caught any acts that violates the fair play we will be banning permanently.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Goodafternoon i would like to thank you GM for unbanning 2 pc that got ipbanned. I am here again to ask for continuation po sana their are still 2 pc got ipbanned please unban it also , sorry for delay response co'z i am too busy in my work .

I attached a short video to the pc that still got ipbanned

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