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Why my post got deleted?
There is only one reason why your post is deleted , I decided to remove all DENIED & CASED CLOSED issues so that it wont stacked up in the forum and especially the spammed one's if you keep spamming ur thread i will be deleting them one by one and the more you post , the less chances your thread will get REVIEW.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Still banned pc so it means my threads got deleted ?
:Once again Sir, we have the same problem about post of Mikay but my post/threads on last 09/23/20 was deleted because you decided to
remove all denied. But im still having HWID ban one of my computer there'e no any chance Sir ? .If u have time to reviewed again this
player Sir [WB]-CptJhe i really sure that's player is using cheat.

(kana si bogsmamo2 gi awat rana niya akung post)

Pisonet Owner
my 1 units of pesonet are banned because of my CO-players

Sir belder can you help me to unbanned my pc

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