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I reposted because I deleted it yesterday Sorry HARDWARE BAN. (UNBANNED)
1. Beacause of wallhacking
2. Repost. Because I lost my post yesterday. This is my real post just in case to delete. own three net cafes. I'm sorry because I can no longer monitor my net cafe, there are people who use cheat / wallhacking. The game is popular in my netcafe. I hope those three PCs are unbanned because that's all I can earn in my Netcafe. I hope you notice and I'm sorry because I can no longer monitor my netcafe. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
3. No sir/Maam. I will put anti virus net cafe and I will put on the wall that it is forbidden to cheat / wallhacking or it is forbidden to download wallhacking / Cheat THANK YOU.
4. Hardware Ban.
5. Players in my  netcafe Banned IGN:-Boykha [SPO1][DOVERTE]

Unta pwede ni kay na delete nako akong  gi post. Sorry kaayo sir Belder. Kanang johaer gi awat rana saako nga post.
This thread is being REVIEWED as of this moment.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I am glad to say that this case was approved and will be UNBANNED now , this will be the last chance if our system detects any possible use of hacks in this ip we will ban again forever.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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