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Rules & Regulations (UPDATED)
pls banned this acc. igit123 password: igit123E hacked and using WALLHACK
(09-14-2020, 04:31 AM)gh0st Wrote: Very Clear and Informative  Heart
First of all, I am an owner of a computer shop, there's a visitor that is not familiar in our place then I observe him he used wallhack and by tommorow, the fellow players can't play Killer Source cause it says we're banned. I think its IP Banned cause all of the computer has the same problem.
Hi Ganeral.manager can you take me to applying To be CM Help me in my firts journey
no matter how hard is it i will work with your Commands thank you!
{Please Read} Hi Ganeral.manager can i work with you and i am sure i will work with Killer/soure can i be with your CM IGN[Professor-J] Thank you GM/and/CM and keep safe of pandemic
when is the official lunch?
Please Apeal this computer because of my costumer using exploit. Hope you understand me and the costumer not do it again he is ban on my pc shop
1.Why Were You Banned?

2.Why should we unban you? (explain at least 100 words)
hello GM/CM I'm still the owner of Piso net I'm here for PC units and I don't know that they use Cheats because I'm doing a lot that time I bought an aircon for my son because it's close please give birth to
mises I just found out that they use cheats because they themselves told me that the PC can't be played by KS so I'm here to find out what happened and I hope to come back and play because it's a big help our family has a Piso net for our daily hospital bills and electricity water and that's all four PCs have been banned thank you and God Blessed ...

3.Do you use any type of hacks? (Yes or No)
Yes (Perx Injector)

4.Type of ban? (HWID or Normal Ban)

5.Add the username that got banned in this hardware:

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