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Unbanned PC/Appealing
Why were you Banned?
-sadly but I don't know but it says using third party

2. Why should we unban you?
Greetings, Creator!
-Im a small pisonet owner and it's my obligation to not allowing players to use such as third party thing, please sir unbanned my computer because it's our source of income and this PC I bought recently is 2nd hand and when I install the Killersource game it directly banned IDK what happened i thought the first owner used that third party thing.

3. Do you use any type of Hack? (Yes or No)
-Yes, Maybe the first owner

4.Type of Ban? (HWID or Normal ban)
-sadly but IDK but it says this PC got banned or its IP add

5. Add the username that got ban in this hardware? 

idk sir because when we install it got banned directly

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