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1. Why were you Banned?
-Using third party apps such as wallhack.

2. Why should we unban you?
Greetings, Creator!
-First of all, I would like to ask apology of using third party application that can affect the game. Taking advantage by using cheats/hacks from other players. The reason why Ived cheat is I was annoyed of some other players that using hacks too. At the beginning I know it was a bad idea getting carried of some other players that taking advantages too. The reason why I deserve to be unban because me myself regret what Ived do to the game. I promise not to use third party apps anymore and be a good role player to some other players taking advatage to the game. Again, I sincerely apologize for using cheats/hacks in the game. I was hoping that you will give me a second chance or an opportunity again to play and show my enthusiasm without using cheats in game.
Looking for your response. Godbless and more power KS Family

3. Do you use any type of Hack? (Yes or No)

4.Type of Ban? (HWID or Normal ban)
-HWID and account ban

5. Add the username that got ban in this hardware? 


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