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I will not tolerate my cousin anymore to use my pc
1.Why Were You Banned?  
      My cousin use my personal computer.

2.Why should we unban you?  
     Because I'm not in the house yesterday and my cousin use my computer. When I'm not around he use my computer and I don't know what he's doing when i'm not around but when I'm ready to go he did'nt do anything but when I check the ban list he's account has been banned and when I open my Killersource app It can't be load , I't says my IP address got banned and I confront my cousin and he say's he use wallhack using my computer . I'm sorry sir i promise i will not my cousin allowed using my computer or any cheat.
3.Do you use any type of hack? 
           Yes, my cousin did.

4.Type of ban? 
            IP ADDRESS

5.Add the username that got banned in this hardware: 

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