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1.Why Were You Banned?  Third party software which i used wallhack
2.Why should we unban you? (explain atleast 100 words) 
Good evening, YouAintPro!  I was only curious about the player's perspective of using such application
that's why I am here regretting and asking for another chance since I love this game this much. I did appreciate your action which is banning me in that phase and it made me realize that we should play fair and square. I really hope that in this medium, you would forgive me for what I have done and I do promise not to do any illegal activities inside the game nor participate to any. Please forgive me for what I have done.
3.Do you use any type of hack? (Yes or No) Yes
4.Type of ban? (HWID or Normal Ban) HWID
5.Add the username that got banned in this hardware: |Reyson
Hello good day, base on what i observed from our admin panel we got 5 account of yours that got banned already.
[Image: FHJF.gif]

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