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[Important] Come here if you see "We found a problem in your account." while login
[email protected]

I forgot my password
i cant loggin my Id is astig_rojie please asap
Each time I open my Killersource file, it says server cannot connet, I must contact admin. Does this mean my pc nad KS acc is banned? What should I do?

Ign: Spectator

Each time I open Killersource, it say "Unable to retrieve server information, please contact admin." Are my PC and K account banned sir? What should I do?

IGN: Spectator
Hi Gm/Cm can you bring my account my [professor-j] beacause i am so sorry for your opinion next time i do not gliching in the dustoriginal pleaes bring back in my account
(08-09-2020, 01:24 PM)admin Wrote: We have made "Duplicated Account ID Fix" page for somebody who shows the error "We found a problem in your account." while logging in, please go to : to change a new account name now, thanks!

i am a knew hare can you help me
{Please Read} Hi Ganeral.manager can i work with you and i am sure i will work with Killer/soure can i be with your CM IGN[Professor-J] Thank you GM/and/CM and keep safe of pandemic

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