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Hellow and Good day to the Killer Source family and also to the admin,

                                                                                  I am a Piso Net owner in Fuentes Maria Cristina Iligan City and two of our Computers are unable to play your game which is the Killer source for it says it got blocked for using cheats, The players in our Piso Net are not using any cheats and the reason that it got blocked is, In the month of May 2021 my father went to the shop in Iligan City bringing the two CPU of these computers with him for these two computer of ours are having trouble on performing well it's lagging and the guy called "Jerry Takirig" is the person that formatted our two CPU's and I guess he's the guy that liable on using cheats and that is why two of our computers are affected and being blocked on playing your game. Please do an action with this one the players in our place are enjoying your game and as side from that our Piso Net is the only one helping us in our financial needs and we need your help to fix this problem of ours.

By Mangubat
Waiting for your response Admin

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