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Unban Appeal (DENIED)
1. Why Were You Banned?
·        Wallhack
2. Why should we unban you? (Explain at least 100 words)
·         Good Day to our very active GM’s and CM’s here in KillerSource, I would like to make an appeal for having violation in your server, I am very disappointed to the pilot I’d trust for getting my personal account banned, just because I just only make my account faster to high ranks, that’s why I get any pilot, but this was I’ve got, I am here to notify our GM’s that I’m deeply made sincerely apology for violating the rules and regulation in your server. I’ve already change my password in it since you update the server, and as to my promise, I would not tolerate any kind of cheat in my personal account. Please allow me to play again in your server together with my banned account, I did banned a months ago, and now I realize that I need this game for stresses reliever, Please let me Unbanned my account to play the newly server update. Hoping for approval. Thank you, and Godbless to all Administrator and Staff. 
3. Do you use any type of hack? (Yes or No)
·        Yes!! Cheating while playing.
4. Type of ban? (HWID or Normal Ban)
·        Account Ban
·        Permanent Ban

5. Add the username that got banned:
·       ExoJazzExo
Reason: Copy pasting thread.
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