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Pesonet (UNBANNED)
1.Why Were You Banned?
I don't know why a lot of units here got banned but i guess this is because of we're using a crack OS

2.Why should we unban you? (explain atleast 100 words)
Hi CMs/GMs im a owner of pesonet, im here to appeal for my units to be unban, tbh some of the players here before HWID banning were using cheat (waller) but now we are certain that none of our players were using but we still got hardware banned which is i dont know why this happened so im hoping some positive answers. Thank You.

3.Do you use any type of hack? (Yes or No) Yes
4.Type of ban? (HWID or Normal Ban) HWID
5.Add the username that got banned in this hardware: Gauss

I'll put my IP Adress here just in case

btw this is the fourth time we got banned here
ip forwarded stay tune for few days for response
[Image: giphy.gif]
Hardware Unbanned, please avoid using any 3rd party software's otherwise your hwid will be blacklisted next time will be banned and appealing will no longer be an option.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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