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Unban PC request (Unbanned)
1.Why were you banned?

-Using cheat(wallhack)

2.Why should we unban you?

-Good Afternoon Sir/Maam, Im the owner of the shop, Im here at your forum to say sorry of what have my customer done to your game, he was using hack when im not around at the shop cause i was also at my work and im so really dissapointed at him of what he have done to the PC due to the HWID banned and i felt so bad for that cause some of my customers were gone and cant even play the game on that particular PC so Im begging for your kindness to Unbanned the HWID on the pc and the guy who ruins the game of yours i already banned it on my shop cause im not tolerating that kind of behavior since i was a kid back at 2010 i was really enjoying your game and i dont even like hackers cause is so frustrating to encounter one of them and i realize that i need my son to look after the shop and hoping you that you notice this thread and help me and THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCED Sir/Maam and The Killer Source Community.

3.Do you use any type of hack? (Yes or No) 


4.Type of ban? (HWID or Normal Ban)


5.Add the username that got banned in this hardware:

-IGN: Asitooon
Hardware Unbanned, please avoid using any 3rd party software's otherwise your hwid will be blacklisted next time will be banned and appealing will no longer be an option.
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