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Pesonet HWID ban appeal (UNBANNED)
1.      Why were you Banned?
 One of our Customers used wallhack

2.Why should we unban you? (explain in 100  words)
 Good Day sir, im a owner of a pesonet cafe here in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental (CDO)
one off our customer used a wallhack, were very sorry to violate the rules of your game, my 12
units are all band, please unband me so my players can play again, that person who used wallhack
are now ban in my pesonet cafe, im hoping for an answer, thank you and god bless you.

3.Do you use any type of hack? (Yes or No)

4.Type of ban? (HWID or Normal ban)

5.Add the username that got banned in this hardware:
IGN: Danzou
Hardware Unbanned, please avoid using any 3rd party software's otherwise your hwid will be blacklisted next time will be banned and appealing will no longer be an option.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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