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Common Bugs #1
Common Bugs

1.Error Body (Player Visual) only get fixed either if u restart the client.

2. Random Disconnection (Occurs sometimes stated below while)
  • Being Top Fragger in game (80% Chance Disconnection)
  • Last round Disconnection
  • Typing Symbolic Names
  • Responding to Symbolic names
  • Sometimes it just disconnect randomly without reason either in game/lobby/loginpage
3.Crones Bug (When you get a raise instead of earning 1k you lose 1k)

4.CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhaunster memory allocator)

5.Settings Problem (When you open the settings in-game and press the return button, it brings you back to the lobby instead of bringing you back into the game.)

6.Settings Control doesnt save but it actually did change the hotkeys in game

7.Character Apperance Bugs (No head , Shirts twisted etc)

8.CONNECTION FAILED   AFTER 4 RETRIES (when joining a game stuck in loading screen)

9.Unable to retrieve server information please contact killer source admin (Occurs while opening the game launcher)

10.Cant press return in lobby (Stuck the only way to leave is end task the game)

11. <- Engine Error

12.Exhaused memory allocate

13. Collision stuttering when both players collide each other.


15.When using E to switch weapon, the weapon you will get will directly have 0 bullet. Also cancels defusing when theres weapon infront of u they will prior to get the weapon instead of defusing which is annoying.

16.Slanted Screen (Occurs Randomly)

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