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Hello Devs, Programmers and Admins.

I noticed the accuracy of the guns like pistols, smgs and rifles are not consistent. By the way sniper rifles are already good no questions there.
When I am facing three meters stationary from the wall or any target. Shooting single fire every three seconds to the same spot the following next shot was a bit way off. Is this normal as part of the game engine?Or is it because my char is still low rank and needs to level up so the stats will improve later on?
Once again I was not bursting or full auto or moving and has nothing to do with recoil because it was single firing for every three seconds which means the gun is rested before shooting again. Just stood on the spot shooting single fire with low rate of fire.
Kindly check on this please.

I had tons of fun in beta test.


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CHECK WEAPON ACCURACY EVEN SINGLE TAPPING - by jemlopez1989 - 08-04-2020, 06:08 AM

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