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Unbanned PC - cherrybals10 - 08-02-2021

1: Why were you banned?
Cheating/Using prohibited 3rd party software.
2: Why should we unban you? 
Hello CM's/GM's, I'm here again to follow up my issue. I don't know why I got banned, i didn't use any cheats or hacks in the game. I've been playing for how many months, and I already reached 3 dias and i'm just playing in a  "pesonet cafe" that's why i would never suicide my account, because i spend a lot of money on it. And also i've never seen my friends using cheats in this unit, I'm the only one who always play in this unit sir. That's it.
3: Do you use any type of hacks?
4: Type of ban?
Cheating/Using prohibited 3rd party software
5: Add the username that got banned in this hardware:
IGN: mccc 
Actually, I didn't use any type of hacks and cheats sir and also my account is not banned. I can still play in the other unit, only the PC got banned. But one thing for sure, That time when i play in this unit i have a teammate his IGN is PESTIKA and i don't remember the number on his ign sir, sorry. He said that we are "comsat" and he will report me after the game, after a few hours i log-into this unit and i can't play anymore and it says the PC is banned. So i'm hoping that i can play again in this unit, because i've never try cheating in the game or 3rd party software. Thank you so much. (I'm sorry about the other thread i post, the IGN i put there is wrong. I remember the IGN of the one who reported me) that's it. Thankyou and sorry.