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 1.Why were you banned?
- Using Wallhack

2.Why should we unban you?
First of all, I'm the owner of this Account and My Cousin use this account and he admit to me that he use the wallhack and now he will explained what happened.
Before I will start I just want to thank you for all the GM/CM to get back this kind of game online. I have enjoyed playing K.O.S back then and improved by the K.S (KillerSource) in the present which is i can play with my friends and team mates. 
I'd just like to start off this appeal and apology by saying I'm Super sorry to all GM/CM for about what i did in the game and i admit that recently of using wallhack playing in this game. 
I got Banned in Pisonet. My sincere apologies to all GM/CM on that. I'm hoping that i can get back to play again in KillerSource without using any cheats to have a fair game play.
I promise that this is the first and last that i write this thread and I'll promise that it will never ever happen again. More power and wish you all the Best. GOD Bless you all!! 

3.Do you use any type of hack?
-  Yes Wallhack (PerX)

4.Type of Ban? (HWID or Normal ban)
- HWID/permanent

5.Add the username that got ban in this hardware:
- IGN: [VIRGO]Anona

Please provide a link which does not require download , upload it either youtube and post the link here or attach files.
okies po wait. here po GM Belder
why am i only seeing one unit ? i thought this is a compshop
Yes Belder, It is, This is the only pc that get banned.

Okay i will show you the other unit.
Follow this steps -> Open the ks launcher -> wait for the error to pops up -> then open this link -> paste ip here
okay wait sir This is the IP of the pisonet unit sir that got banned..

will review this